Náhradní a opravné termíny (EN)

Rules for resits:

To err is human and that is why you can always resit tests with value 5 and higher. The resit dates will be available online. You are responsible for signing up for an available resit date. 

Signing up for a resit for a particular date will close 72 hours prior to the resit, e.g. if the resit is scheduled for 23rd November, 0. lesson, then the opportunity to sign up for the resit will close on 20th November at 7.40. 

If you fail to show up for your resit date, that you have signed for, without a proper excuse in advance, you lose your opportunity for the resit. The resit must happen within 30 days of the original test day. You are responsible for keeping track of time.

Resit dates – 2nd semester: