Kvarta ve Veletržním paláci

In April Kvarta visited Veletržní palác and saw an exhibition of the First republic art collection. Here are some of their observations:

„The exhibition was large and we could see a lot of paintings from different painters. The paintings were interesting and different. We would also see some statues. I enjoyed this exhibition very much.“

„I loved it! I saw a lot of paintings by many famous painters. There were paintings I did not like, however I really enjoyed a lot of them. The exhibition was large with very different pieces of art. I liked that the exhibition was on one floor.“

„I really liked the exhibition, especially the paintings. I did not enjoy the statues as much but they were interesting. I was very surprised to see some paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh. It was overall a very calm experience except the stares from the women who worked there. I would definitely visit there again.“