Gevo swap

Gevo swap has recently arrived to Sázavská! Even though it is nothing new for the Jižní Město students, who already have such an event for the past 3 years. Many of you have probably not heard about such an endeavor, I will give you some basic information about what swap is and how it is done.

What is this “Gevo swap”?

In short, it is an exchange of unwanted yet useful items for other items. Let's say that you have something at home you no longer use, like a shirt that is too small or a book that you have read, you bring these items to the swap, and you can exchange them with other people who may have a perfect fit for your t-shirt and as a reward you can get a nice pencil case.

Why be interested in swap?

Not only does it clean out your house and you receive something back, but it also helps the people around you and the environment. Instead of throwing these items out, some people may find a new use for them, contributing to both the people and the environment.

When will it happen and what to bring?

15.2. 2024 in HUDEBKA classroom is the place where the swap will occur. With the gathering being done between 12.2. and 14.2. across the school's reception. Some things you can take with you are: Clothing, books, electronics, and much more. There is a bounty for board games, which will be deposited within the school for students to play with. And how does it work? You get points for the number and quality of items you bring to school, and in equal amounts you can claim items back. The maximum number of points you can get (and spend) is 20 points in order to avoid overcrowding. The table with independent values of items is listed below.

  So come to Gevo swap and make you and someone else's day better!