CAS days

At the beginning of our first week of IB, September 11. and 12., our class, now fully formed, embarked on an expedition to the very core of our new world. Remember, this was an unpaid trip, because CAS is never paid. But worth doing nonetheless. After getting introduced to what CAS consists of and what role it plays in IB, we quickly got to work on the details. Our classmates' hands were going up constantly, throwing question after question towards our two kind companions for the CAS journey, or advisors, as they like to call themselves: Mr. Řezáč and Mr. O´Donnell.

   The IB2 student Vojtěch Šrom demonstrated his portfolio of experiences to us, and shared helpful insight about the dynamics of balancing between CAS, studying IB and our personal lives. After all, why think about them separately, when they all considerably overlap and complement each other.