Projects and events 

Events at GEVO 

We feel that teaching and learning should not take place in isolation in the classroom. We want and offer opportunities for students and teachers to develop in activities outside of the classroom.

School musicals

In the past, when we thought about how to do a truly comprehensive whole-school project that went beyond the normal school curriculum, we chose, perhaps a little unconventionally, musicals. In doing so, we continued and developed the long tradition of Christmas concerts. In 2007 we created and brought to the world our first school musical called "Louis". More than 100 pupils and teachers participated in the preparation. We were divided into several themed teams led by experts from different fields. So not only did we have an acting, dance or music studio with students performing on stage themselves, we also needed designers, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, producers and PR advisors. Throughout the fall, the various studios would meet and the students would work on sub-tasks, which they would then put together in the theatre to create a performance.

The musical Ludvík was followed by three more similar projects in the next ten years - the rock musical About the World Machine, and the musical Infernal Cinder, which was selected by a jury of experts to be performed by the students on the New Stage of the National Theatre. Our last work was the musical "Chairs in the Circle" about what happens in school and what school should be like. 

Mental Health Campaign "I Put My Chair in the Circle"

Together with the musical, we created a national mental health campaign, I Put My Chair in the Circle, which was supported by more than 70 high-profile celebrities from across the Czech Republic and thousands of other supporters. Over time, this gradually brought the topic of mental health to the whole school as one of our important focuses. We became partners of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and we participated in the organization of the first ever "Na hlavu" Film Festival. We are part of the NIMH destigmatisation platform. All these activities are student-led, students are the ones who co-create and implement the programme. 

GEVO NIGHT Cup, DAY Cup, Triathlon

During each school year we organize three major sporting events for students, teachers, alumni and friends of the school. The event with the longest tradition is the GEVO Night Cup, a night-time orienteering race for teams of two that has been held since 2016. It is held regularly in the first half of November in the Milíč Park next to our school. It is very popular, and many students and teachers take part every year. Later we began to organize the GEVO Triathlon every year in September. Both individuals and relays can participate. There is a 400 meter swim, 15 kilometres bike ride and a 5 kilometres run. The last event which nicely complements our triathlon is the Spring Cup. This is an experient-based race for teams of two during which our students and teachers complete challenges at various stations.

Letter Writing Marathon

Thanks to the initiative of the students, our school regularly join the Letter Writing Marathon project organised by the international human rights organisation Amnesty International. During the Letter Writing Marathon, students help six specific people around the world who are unjustly persecuted by writing an appeal to the government in question. The event takes place simultaneously on the same dates around the world.

NoD Academy

During the COVID pandemic, the NoD Academy connected our distance learning school subjects with professionals in their respective fields. That is, school subjects, or one topic, were taught by prominent personalities. Just a little school of dreams... We welcomed for example journalist Jindřich Šídl, sexologist Petr Weiss, addictologist Jiří Plesl, hip-hopper Jen Hovorka or singer and biologist Dan Bárta. The individual lectures were broadcast live on the Facebook pages of both schools.

Tutoring children of health professionals in hospitals

Our teachers initiated an action that aimed to help overburdened doctors and paramedics in the time of the COVID 2020 pandemic. They connected them with students who took up online tutoring of their children. The event was very warmly received by the management of Thomayer, Vinohrady and Uherské Hradiště hospitals.

Prague Student Summit 

Our students who pass the admissions selection regularlyparticipate in the United Nations and NATO international negotiations simulations organised by the Association for International Affairs.