NON - IB Subjects

NON - IB Subjects

No matter whether a student chooses to study the IB DP, only part of it (as a course student) or does not study any part of the IB DP, the following subjects are compulsory for all students:

Czech Language and Literature

All students at our school must graduate in Czech Language and Literature, so they must take this course.

Second foreign language

Students continue to study a second foreign language, i.e. German, French or Spanish. Due to the number of hours of second language taken before entering the IB programme, if students pass an examination in the second language at a minimum B1 level and she/he can subsequently discontinue their study of the second language. Students of the eight-year study programme can take the language exam at school, while students of the four-year and six-year study programme take the language exam outside school.

Twentieth Century History
Compulsory for all students in year IB1.
Physical Education
Compulsory for all students