Gymnázium Evolution
Jižní Město

Our school Gymnasium Evolution Jižní Město offers a six-year and four-year study programme. Our main goal is to create an inspiring, open and safe environment for students and teachers. We want to awaken a desire for education and scholarship in our students. We work to ensure that students have a solid skeleton of fundamental knowledge and skills. At the same time, we connect them across subjects within the framework of our curriculum motto "Seeing the world in context". This foundational knowledge enables them to better distinguish truths from various half-truths and misinformation. 

We place a strong emphasis on developing skills such as information handling, time management, teamwork, problem solving and more. We have activities for students to develop these skills throughout the years. We teach students how to search for information, work with source data, learn how to cite correctly, and how to collaborate. We place great emphasis on academic honesty.

We combine different approaches in our teaching to maintain the variety and diversity of learning. We teach part of the lessons in English, we link the curriculum and methods of work within the lessons in both Czech and English. For classes taught in English, students remain divided according to their language level. In English, we teach science and humanities, mathematics, literature and art. During the year we regularly include project-based learning days where students work together with teachers on selected current topics. 

We have several field expeditions for students throughout their studies. Whether it is a welcoming, science, history, environmental or sports course. The events complement and build on what is happening in school. At the end of every school year, we organise trips to all parts of the world. We offer a wide range of activities depending on availability and interest. We regularly go to EXPOs. We have been on a rainforest expedition in Indonesia, on an exchange trip to Japan, on a cultural heritage tour from New York to Greece, on the water in the Czech Republic and Austria, and on surfing and kayaking in Croatia. Depending on student interest, we open optional seminars.

We are trying to build the school as a community center. We cooperate with senior citizens' homes at Jižní Město, organize lectures for the public, garden festivals, sports competitions, and volunteer programs to help where needed. We are involved in the DofE programme and we won the GRATIAS TIBI AWARD 2018 for the best activity in education in the Czech Republic.

In the final year, students have significantly enhanced lessons in their final year subjects right from September. These classes are attended only by students who have chosen these subjects. We thus offer a significantly individualized preparation for graduation and university admission exams. 

Throughout the year, students receive feedback in the form of percentage assessments, and at the end of the year they receive percentage assessments, traditional grades and verbal assessments.

We strive to make every student and every teacher feel comfortable at the school to help them orient themselves the world. We strive to ensure that everyone can develop individually within the limits of his/her abilities, so that everyone can find an area in which they want to be good, even excellent and useful. We want GEVO to become everyone's second, school home.

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