International  Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Gymnasium Evolution is included by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in the network of schools authorized to provide its students with a two-year IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) in English, finalized by an internationally recognized IB Diploma.

We are proud members of the global IB World School community, which, together with other schools in 147 countries, is helping to co-create and develop the young generation in an all-round way. In 1992, our school was founded on a similar educational vision to that espoused by the International Baccalaureate Organization - an understanding of the student as an active and responsible co-creator of a future harmonious and prosperous world. Our common goal is to create quality conditions for education and to approach learning as a lifelong and never-ending process.

Students in the IB programme choose from the subjects offered by the school. They study three subjects at standard level and three subjects at higher level. In addition to these subjects, students are required to take other subjects such as Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and a personality programme focusing on self-development and volunteering (Creativity & Activity & Service), among others. The study is completed by a series of written and oral examinations, which are recognised as a final examination by a large number of foreign universities and in many cases replaces university entrance examinations. 

Despite the large number of English language classes in the IB DP program, we are not an international school. We are a Czech school with an international program. We believe that our approach offers the best of both educational concepts - the Central European tradition with its emphasis on functional and interconnected knowledge of the world around us, and the Anglo-Saxon model focused on deep knowledge and skills learned in concrete cases and studies.

GEVO also allows students to continue in the Czech general high school curriculum and add just one selected course from the IB program in English. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Czech high school diploma and an IB DP certificate in that subject. The entire programme is supervised and managed by the IB Study Coordinator.

For students and their parents from the lower years of the four-year, six-year and eight-year studies, we organize several meetings during the course of the studies, where we present the whole programme in detail. Approximately six months prior to entering the IB DP, we conduct individual consultations with serious IB DP candidates and their parents regarding appropriate course selection. Students who are not interested in the IB DP program remain in the Czech program, preparing for the Czech Graduation Exam and further studies at universities.

At GEVO, students choose from the following IB subjects according to given criteria - mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, business management, history, art, film and English language. There are other subjects in the IB timetable: Czech, German, Spanish or French, 20th century history and Physical Education. The content of the IB subjects is more or less the same for all IB schools, while the structure of the curriculum is somewhat different than in these subjects taught in Czech. The exact form of each subject is communicated to candidates in advance.

The IB DP is generally not equivalent to the Czech Graduation Certificate in the Czech Republic (unlike, for example, in Slovakia, where it is equivalent to the Slovak Graduation Certificate). However, the Czech Education Act allows for an exception for GEVO and a few other secondary schools operating in the Czech Republic - if a student successfully obtains the IB Diploma and passes the state graduaion exam in Czech language and literature alongside it, this combined result is considered equivalent to the Czech graduation certificate. Thus, IB DP graduates from our school have an open door to study abroad and in the Czech Republic.

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