Last Tuesday students of the Septima ARo class with Mrs. Safrankova visited a photography exhibit of Martin Stranka at Mánes gallery. Martin Stranka is a highly awarded Czech self-taught photographer. He works with large size photographs.


His topics are full of atmosphere, dream-like reality, a combination of nature and civilization, and humans and animals together in unsual situations. Most of his photographs are staged, carefully prepared and photoshopped.

Here are students` opinions of the show:


„I liked the technical quality of the pictures, but I did not find them to be actually interesting.“
„I can feel emotions from every single photo.“
„I like the theme of boyhood.“
„I like how most of the pictures are simple.
„ This specific medium and its use simply does not work for me.“
„I like those photos, even though sometimes I dont know what they mean.“
„The thing that caught my attention was the quality of the photos. But overal, I dont see any message that the author was trying to pass on.“