The profile and success of a graduate

What does a successful student at Gymnasium Evolution look like?
They are well educated, capable of learning new things and socially competent.
An adult ready for a new life.

We develop personalities

Our goal isn’t to teach everyone everything. On the contrary. We always try to make sure our students truly grow up as individuals. They are cultivated, social and ready for their new career paths in their selected fields of study. We put a large emphasis on teaching languages. Our students wont get lost at home, nor around the world. They understand how to debate, argue and solve problems. They have their own opinions, which they are capable of defending and explaining.

Profil a úspěšnost absolventa

We teach the world

We teach our students to think. How to work with information, and how to verify its integrity. How to see the world the way it is, in context.
Our graduates understand social relations and have the capability of perceiving and understanding art, philosophy, ethics and politics. We guide them towards various cultural and religious manifestations and their understanding.
Simply put we help create individuals

Become a figure yourself

Make the right decision and study at Gymnasium Evolution